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2 August 2012

Africa: How the West Is Bleeding Africa

Author: [opinion] Sifelani Tsiko, Herald [Zimbabwe]

Africa could be losing more than US$15 billion from its biodiversity as medicines, cosmetics, agricultural products and indigenous knowledge surrounding these are being patented illegally by multinational companies without there being evidence of...

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2 August 2012

Recognition of biopiracy in Brazil a good step, but much still to be done, EJOLT reports

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26 July 2012

Pharmaceutical companies putting health of world's poor at risk

Author: Simon Reid-Henry, Queen Mary, University of London, Hans Lofgren, Deakin University, Melbourne, in Guardian [UK]

India makes cheap medicines for poor people around the world. The EU, pharmaceutical firms and now the US are pressuring the 'pharmacy of the developing world' to change tack. India is often called the pharmacy of the developing world, which is no...

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23 April 2012

Pharmaceuticals: Philanthropy and business join forces

Author: Andrew Jack, Financial Times

Many chief executives might have chosen to relax for the holiday weekend at the start of April this year, but Chris Viehbacher instead took a gruelling four-day trip into remote Chad to review his company’s work tackling sleeping sickness. The head of...

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18 April 2012

Global Online Freedom Act 2012 Is An Important Step Forward

Author: Cindy Cohn & Jillian York, Electronic Frontier Foundation

...[The] newly-amended Global Online Freedom Act (GOFA),...while far from perfect, is an important step toward protecting human rights and free expression online...[Let's] take a deeper look…The bill contains a number of excellent measures that would...

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3 April 2012

Internet Freedom Starts at Home - The United States needs to practice what it preaches online.

Author: Rebecca MacKinnon, New America Foundation, in Foreign Policy [USA]

...[M]any of the most sophisticated tools used to suppress online free speech and dissent...are actually Made in the USA. American corporations are major suppliers of software and hardware used by all sorts of governments to carry out censorship and...

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2 April 2012

New practice focuses on human rights, intellectual property [USA]

Author: Catherine Ho, Washington Post

District-based Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox, the 110-attorney Washington intellectual property law firm, has started a first-of-its-kind practice that combines the tenets of human rights and intellectual property law…the pro bono practice aims...

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25 March 2012

Drug companies watching India’s drug patent case

Author: Stephanie Nolen, Globe & Mail [Canada]

India’s Supreme Court will hear final arguments…in a case that could have life-or-death implications for millions…Novartis...wants to patent…a leukemia drug…In 2006, the Indian Patent Office denied that…saying…it was not a new medicine…Novartis took...

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6 March 2012

India’s Supreme Court to Hear Dispute on Drug Patents

Author: Vikas Bajaj, Andrew Pollack, New York Times

…Novartis, may be one legal step away from upending the Indian supply chain by forcing the Indian government to recognize a patent for a cancer treatment heralded as a breakthrough for people with a deadly form of leukemia…The case, involving the drug...

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Company response
19 February 2012

Monsanto response to article linking farmers’ suicides in India to its genetically modified seeds

Author: Monsanto

Farmer suicide in India is a tragic phenomenon that takes place for a variety of complex social and economic reasons. It is not a biotechnology issue, and these unfortunate circumstances long pre-date the introduction of biotech cotton in India in 2002...

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