Italy: Tire co. Pirelli launches new rubber sourcing policy against land-grabbing & deforestation

Author: Global Witness, Published on: 30 November 2017

"New Pirelli policy progressive step forward in the fight against land grabs and deforestation - Global Witness", 13 Nov 2017

Global Witness welcomes a new sourcing policy on rubber launched by Italian tyre giant Pirelli. The policy, which commits Pirelli to no land-grabs and no-deforestation, could help prevent the kinds of human rights abuses and environmental destruction that Global Witness investigations into rubber expansion have helped expose... Pirelli is not the only company to have adopted a sourcing policy for natural rubber. Michelin, the French tyre manufacturer,  introduced its own sourcing policy on natural rubber in 2016, marking a major shift in the largely unregulated industry. In addition, last month saw Chinese industry launch guidelines for Chinese rubber companies operating overseas as well as international rubber companies... [Global Witness] said: "Whilst we welcome Pirelli’s new policy, the real importance lies in its implementation... [I]t is crucial the remaining companies follow suit." [also refers to Bridgestone, Continental and Goodyear]

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