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Japan: We Condemn the Unjust Arrest of A-san on March 2, 2016

Author: No to the Eviction of Nojukusha for the Olympics and the March 2 Repression at the Proposed New National Stadium Site Rescue Committee, Published on: 20 March 2016

... The JSC had been engaged in a dialogue with those living inside the Park at the latter’s request; they had promised that they would “not, as long as there are people living inside, be working on such constructions as would affect their life” and that they would “resolve issues through a dialogue.” On January 27, nonetheless, the JSC tried to forcefully shutdown the Park; even after they failed in face of grueling protests from the [community] and supporters, they attempted again to close off the [only] entrance [that remains] on February 5, mobilizing police officers. ... We have been active seeking a resolution through dialogues ... JSC employees came to the Meiji Park on February 17, and we held a talk, albeit for just half an hour; we reconfirmed they “will not and cannot do construction work as long as there are people living.” March 2, when A-san was arrested, was the deadline for the JSC’s reply to our written inquiry about, among other things, the legal bases for the dangerous construction work on January 27 and the [attempted] forceful shutdown on February 5. Was the arrest their answer? Do they not have to honor agreements and confirmations if they are dealing with [homeless persons]? ...

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