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2 December 2019

UK: Investors demand companies pay workers living wage

Author: Julie Irvine, Economia

"Investors demand FTSE companies pay the Living Wage", 28 November 2019...

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23 October 2019

UK: Council passes motion condemning shift changes for JD Sports warehouse workers, described as ‘a prison sentence’

Author: Nick Statham, Manchester Evening News

"'It's more like a prison sentence'... JD Sports urged to rethink Rochdale warehouse shifts after hundreds of complaints", 18 October 2019...

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3 June 2019

How Chinese tech workers are organizing the online #996 labor movement, despite risks of censorship

Author: Jason Li, 88 Bar

Among the millions of people employed in China's booming technology industry, a growing number are expressing discontent with the long hours…[A] group of Chinese tech workers published 996.ICU: an online letter and GitHub repository decrying a practice...

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4 April 2019

Rare overtime protest by China tech workers goes viral

Author: Cate Cadell, Reuters

Chinese technology workers are protesting online against grueling overtime hours at some companies, a rare push back against the work culture in the country’s tech industry....

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1 August 2018

Google, seeking a return to China, is said to be building a censored search engine

Author: Lee Yuan & Daisuke Wakabayashi, New York Times

Google withdrew from China eight years ago to protest the country’s censorship and online hacking. Now, the internet giant is working on a censored search engine for China that will filter websites and search terms that are blacklisted by the Chinese...

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8 December 2017

China: Citywide clean-up campaign after housing block fire forces thousands of migrants to leave Beijing, some companies provide support

Tens of thousands of migrant workers are being forced out of their homes in Beijing under a citywide clean-up campaign in the aftermath of a fire that killed over a dozen people... Chinese e-commerce giant JD.com has informed its migrant-worker...

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26 November 2017

China: Some companies provide migrant workers with temporary housing and vehicles amid Beijing city's mass evictions of migrant workers as part of housing safety measures

Author: Zheping Huang, Quartz

"What you need to know about Beijing’s crackdown on its “low-end population”", 27 Nov 2017...

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