Jetstar refuses flight to disabled woman, saying she couldn't understand instructions [Australia]

Author: Alison Wood, Daily Telegraph (Australia), Published on: 3 June 2013

Ashley Papworth [diagnosed with cerebral palsy]…was travelling from Brisbane to Newcastle to visit her family, but was barred from the flight because cabin crew thought she was unable to understand what they were saying. Ms Papworth uses a wheelchair and hearing aid, but has travelled extensively without discrimination…"There were family members available to help Ashley on to the flight and also to help with her on arrival at Newcastle," [Ms Papworth’s grandfather] said…A Jetstar spokesman…apologised for the inconvenience she suffered. "One of our key independent traveller requirements is that a passenger must be able to communicate that they have understood our crew's safety and emergency instructions," the spokesman said. "In this case, based on interactions with the passenger and her parents, our team was not satisfied that Ms Papworth could travel on this flight without an accompanying passenger."…

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