Country Manager, Sustainable Trade Platform at Solidaridad

Solidaridad works on creating sustainable supply chains. This enables producers in developing countries to get a better price for better products and it helps to preserve people's environment. It helps companies in the marketplace to implement their CSR/sustainability strategies and develop their suppliers.

Solidaridad Colombia is seeking a country manager that will lead the Sustainable Trade Platform. The STP has developed a convening platform that aims to further develop sustainable production and trade in the four main agricultural sectors in Colombia, namely coffee, banana, flower and palm oil. It brings together stakeholders in consensus-based plans to promote sustainability.

The convening platform serves to ensure cross-sector learning, innovation and progress in implementing the agenda; enable joint approaches; prevent fragmentation and competition between programmes and standards; increase efficiencies and economies of scale; influence sector policies; and develop a larger, compelling vision for the country’s international trade in each commodity.

The STP has established a Technical Secretariat composed of a multidisciplinary team which will act as the convening platform’s facilitator and supporter. The STP Manager will lead the Technical Secretariat. One of the Technical Secretariat’s primary functions will be to provide support in processes to achieve funding for sustainable public-private partnerships.

Role Description

The STP Manager will be responsible for the programme’s overall development and management. He/she will lead the programme’s strategy and a multidisciplinary team (10 people) to develop sustainable production and trade initiatives for four agricultural commodities in Colombia. The STP Manager, along with the professional team, will organize the Technical Secretariat that will facilitate and support the convening platform for each commodity.

The STP Manager will act as the Secretary to a Steering Committee (SC) formed by representatives from companies, the public sector and civil society. He/she will represent the Technical Secretariat in existing and new networks and will promote collaboration with key stakeholders at the platform level.

The STP manager will lead the process to develop new public-private partnerships (PPP) and is responsible for fundraising.

The post will be based in Bogota but the employee should expect to travel in Colombia and abroad.

Main Responsibilities

  • Support on-going development and management of the STP in the coffee, banana, flower and palm oil sectors.
  • Convene meetings of the platform and its working groups.
  • Provide strategic guidance and support to the working groups.
  • Liaison with international and local companies, partner organizations, participating in working groups and events in the region to 
remain abreast of developing initiatives; build the platforms’ profiles; and identify potential 
funding sources.
  • Develop PPP proposals for donors and private sector partners.
  • Act as secretary to the Steering Committee.
  • Financial governance and financial reporting to public/private donors and investors.
  • Responsible for programme administration and the effective implementation of the 
programme cycle.
  • Human resource management. 

Qualifications and requirements

  • University degree, preferably at a Master level in related field (business administration, agriculture, economics, etc.).
  • At least 10 years of work experience in the development of sustainable agricultural supply chains and sustainable trade and/or in CSR in private sector.
  • At least 5 years of experience in posts of leadership such as director / head manager of development programmes; ample trajectory in managing professional teams.
  • Excellent oral and written English and Spanish.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to act effectively as a facilitator and good presentation skills.
  • Proven ability to obtain financing from public and private donors.
  • It is desirable for the candidate to bring a broad network of contacts with FMGC sector, trading companies, 
government authorities and NGOs in Colombia.
  • It is desirable for the candidate to have experience in sustainable certification standards. 


Closing date: August 18 2014

Location: Bogota, Colombia 


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