Managing Director at Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety

The Managing Director for Policy and External Relations works closely with Washington, DC and Dhaka-based Alliance staff, as well as individual member companies, to develop and implement a comprehensive strategic plan to advance the Alliance’s policy and public outreach initiatives in North America. In addition to managing these programmatic areas, the Managing Director is responsible for day-to-day management of the DC Alliance office and coordination of all member companies, interested stakeholders and organizations working on the Alliance.


Policy and External Relations

  • Creates and implements a strategic plan for the Alliance’s outreach on policy and external relations in North America.
  • Develops key Alliance policies with guidance from the Board and Member Directors on issues such as worker empowerment, training, and compensation.
  • Oversees Alliance outreach to the U.S. and Bangladeshi governments in Washington, DC.
  • Shapes Alliance outreach to other concerned parties such as universities, NGOs, labor organizations, international aid agencies and retail associations.
  • Works with all stakeholders to engage and inform them on the work of the Alliance.
  • Serves as a point of contact for the Board of Advisers and outside consultants, as well as other individuals engaged in the work of the Alliance.

Management of the DC Alliance Office

  • Responsible for day to day management of the DC office, including oversight of all financial and operational decisions.
  • Serves as a hub of information for the Board, member companies, and organizations that work on the Alliance and directs complimentary efforts and initiatives by all organizations for maximum efficiency.
  • Expected to provide clear feedback to the Deputy Director and Operations Manager and support their professional development.
  • Works to ensure alignment with goals in the Members Agreement and helps chart the course forward to achieve these goals.


The ideal candidate will have excellent management skills and 10-15 years’ experience as the day-to-day manager. Must have strong written and oral communication skills and be comfortable in government, nonprofit and business worlds. Must be willing to travel. A background or interest in international relations, retail/marketing, development and/or South Asia is desirable. Master’s degree preferred, preferably in international relations, international business, or similar fields.

This position is based in Washington, DC and is available immediately. One-year commitment required. Email cover letter, resume and salary requirements to [email protected]