Principal Adviser (Private Sector) at Christian Aid

The private sector can play a big role in developing countries to stimulate progress, contribute to economic prosperity and help to make real steps towards eradicating poverty. However, private sector companies can also pollute, exploit labour and engage in un-transparent business practices and negotiate deals that deprive poor people of the opportunity to create sustainable livelihoods in the private sector for themselves.

About the role

This role is about promoting an approach to business that delivers a win-win outcome for all the parties involved where possible, but also challenging where necessary. And that will rely on your ability to develop strong policy positions, build innovative partnerships and engage in advocacy that not only develops relationships between the private sector and Christian Aid but also helps businesses to think critically about fair and inclusive practices. It is a major opportunity to establish the kind of approaches that can deliver fundamental progress for people living in poverty and to shape tax, economic justice and environmental policy too, and requires a long term approach to CA's capacity to influence change. It will require both conducting and positioning robust research and analysis relating to private sector models of working that also achieve poverty reduction and target rather than induce inequality.

Contract: full-time, permanent

Closing date: 17 July 2014

Location: Waterloo, London, UK

Salary: £45,000 - £49,447

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