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23 January 2020

42 organisations and companies agree on guiding principles for the creation of sustainable batteries by 2030

Author: Modern Diplomacy

"42 Global Organizations Agree on Guiding Principles for Batteries to Power Sustainable Energy Transition", 23 January 2020....

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4 October 2018

Equileap publishes ranking of top 200 companies on gender equality in the workplace

Author: Equileap

"Gender equality global report and ranking," 4 October 2018...

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27 February 2018

Colombia: Recent regulation changed nature of companies buying gold; involvement of armed actors remains a concern, according to OECD report

Author: OECD

“Due Diligence in Colombia’s Gold Supply Chain. Where does Colombian gold go?” - January 2018...

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15 October 2016

At the Starting Line: FTSE 100 & the UK Modern Slavery Act

Analysis shows only a handful of company statements are meeting the Act’s requirements, majority lack adequate information...

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14 September 2015

25 investors ask global firms to justify membership of EU trade associations allegedly undermining climate policy

Author: Ben Fagan-Watson, The Guardian (UK)

“BP, EDF and Procter & Gamble face pressure over climate change lobbying », 10 Sept 2015...

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9 September 2015

Global investors call on 9 FTSE100 companies to quit groups lobbying against climate policy

Author: ClickGreen (UK)

“Leading investors call on FTSE100 companies to quit climate lobbying groups”, 2 Sept 2015...

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Company response
8 July 2014

Johnson Matthey response to concerns with its disclosure statement under California Transparency in Supply Chains Act

Author: Johnson Matthey

...Firstly, we are pleased to note that “KnowtheChain” confirms we comply with the regulation’s requirements, however we feel that taking our statement in isolation does not fully represented Johnson Matthey’s commitments in this area...

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25 June 2014

When SB 657 Compliance is Transparent but Indifferent

...KnowTheChain’s data has found that some complying companies have openly chosen not to address the risk of slavery in their supply chains, despite posting a disclosure statement...[refers to Caterpillar, Commercial Metals, Danaher, Hyundai Motor...

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Company response
22 January 2014

Response by Johnson Matthey: Efforts to encourage companies to adopt a SB-657 statement disclosing the efforts they are making to eradicate human trafficking and slavery from their supply chains pursuant to the California Transparency in Supply Chains...

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10 October 2013

How much tax should companies pay?

Author: Triodos Bank

Tax avoidance by means of aggressive tax planning by companies has been the focus of a major debate recently. In response, international governments have recognized that tax rules need to change…Triodos Bank’s view is that companies have a...

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