About the survey

What's the issue?

Jordan’s garment sector is booming, driven by a free trade agreement with the United States and cheap migrant labour from South and Southeast Asia. Historically the situation of these vulnerable workers, which make up 75% of the workforce, has been dire. Although there have been some real improvements in recent years, systemic problems around migrant workers’ legal status and recruitment means serious abusescontinue to occur. The potential for progress to be undone is heightened by the influx of an estimated 1.3 million Syrian refugees

What we did

In February 2017, we approached 21 mainly US-based garment brands and invited them to answer specific questions on how they were tackling abuse against migrant workers making their clothes, and how they planned to safeguard the rights of Syrian refugees as they entered the workforce. 

What did we ask companies?

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How did they respond?

Report: Jordanian garment sector: How are brands combatting exploitation and abuse?