July 2006 issue

Author: Peter McCready, Mining Environmental Management, Published on: 1 July 2006

...several well-known...NGOs...are campaigning on issues related to mining and the environment...These campaigns and challenges range from human rights, corporate and government transparency, pollution and...issues which can be grouped under the broader heading of sustainable development...It’s all too easy for NGOs to be seen as simply anti-mining and mining companies as interested only in making profits...However, the industry must recognise and address the hard facts. In his...address at the Mines and Money conference...Kent Lupberger, senior manager, Mining Investments at the International Finance Corp, warned the industry that “we are losing the PR battle”...The industry is making strides to address the challenges the extractive sector faces, admittedly some companies more than others...The challenges that mining faces are not insurmountable and companies need to realise that the time for taking a clear lead is now...Measures such as the Equator Principles (EPs), the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights and the creation of the International Council on Mining & Metals (ICMM) are the beginning of the process, but the public will need much persuasion that the industry really is tackling these issues.

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