Kazakhstan: Concerns raised about Tengizchevroil environmental, health impacts & hiring policies at public hearing

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6 June 2012

Response by Tengizchevroil (joint venture Chevron, ExxonMobil, KazMunayGas, LukArco): Concerns raised about Tengizchevroil's environmental, health impacts & hiring policies at public hearing.

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4 June 2012

[DOC] [Tengizchevroil response regarding environmental impact and hiring policies]

Author: Tengizchevroil

...TCO conducts EIAs for major projects as part of the Kazakhstani regulatory process. The most current EIA on the proposed expansion project is available on TCO’s Web site…Tengiz operations are 80 kilometers (50 miles) from the nearest community settlement…TCO’s continuous monitoring…shows that TCO air emissions do not exceed maximum permissible limits…[T]here is no impact to our Rotational Villages and certainly not to communities 80-100 kilometers away…TCO eliminated routine flaring in 2009…TCO has now exceeded a 99 percent gas utilization rate…[I]n most cases, we have many very qualified candidates for open jobs and…competition is very strong…TCO makes every effort to ensure that all open positions are advertised appropriately. TCO is guided by the Republic of Kazakhstan’s Labor Code which states than an employer has the freedom of choice in hiring. We also utilize internal selection criteria which can include testing and group interviews.

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16 April 2012

Fattening Tengizchevroil [Kazakhstan]

Author: Laura Suleymenova, Ak Zhajyk [Kazakhstan]

[Title translation and summary translation of the original Russian language article provided by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre] At a public hearing regarding a preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment of the Tengizchevroil Future Growth Project, academic Muftakh Diarov raised concerns about the project’s impact on the environment, saying “The environmental impact assessment was conducted 15 years ago. Since then the level of emissions has increased significantly. However, the company did not conduct a new assessment…Tengizchevroil is not conducting any studies on the condition of the Caspian Sea…or the health of Kulsary residents, even though the morbidity rate has increased 10 times over recent years…If oil extraction increases to 36 million tons per year, as proposed by Tengizchevroil, the risk of environmental disaster will increase three times…” Togzhan Kizatova, Director of Demos (an NGO), was highly concerned about Tengizchevroil’s hiring policies. She said: “Regarding the lack of transparency of the hiring procedures of Tengizchevroil, these are not internal affairs of the company…We are not happy with the non-transparent system of hiring employees for the company. To understand how the system works we sent a request to the company. After receiving a response we have even more questions.” [refers to the case of Ms. Shabdirova, a local person who applied for a job at Tengizchevroil and was not hired] The participants in the public hearing did not receive clear answers to their questions from the company representatives. [Refers to Chevron, ExxonMobil, KazMunayGas, LukArco] [The Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited Tengizchevroil to respond. Tengizchevroil's response is below.]

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