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28 July 2019

Philippines: Supreme Court orders Kentex contractor to pay Php1.4M in unpaid wages

Author: Lian Buan, Rappler

"Supreme Court orders Kentex contractor to pay P1.4M to workers," 26 July 2019...

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12 May 2017

Philippines: Civil claims on-going 2 years after Kentex fire; NGO says policy reform too weak without employer support

Author: KILOS NA Manggagawa (Philippines)

“It was not…a small overlook in safety that lead 72 family members to die horrible deaths, but the working environment itself...Locked doors and grilled windows prevented their escape…[without] a single fire exit…Ammied Rada, the brother of two victims...

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7 March 2016

Commentary: Business orgs. should engage pro-actively at natl. & intl. level in access to remedy debate, says Intl. Organisation of Employers

Author: Linda Kromjong, International Organisation of Employers (IOE)

"Extraterritorial jurisdiction is the surest means to secure access to remedy for victims of human rights abuse in supply chains" - true or false?, 4 Mar 2016...

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13 November 2015

Philippines: Labour & human rights groups say APEC good for business, not for everyone else

“Peoples’ Forum 2015: 'APEC not good for Filipino masses'”, 12 Nov 2015...

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19 July 2015

Philippines: Families of Kentex fire victims take legal action vs. owners, local gov't officials, & contractors; wins case for unpaid wages

  View image | 74 workers were killed after a fire at Kentex Manufacturing footwear factory in Manila on 13 May 2015. Reports say workers were trapped after a welding triggered explosion. The factory had about 200 workers - 150 of t...

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Company response
8 June 2015

Kentex's lawyer responds to questions about health & safety standards, fire code, labour rights

Author: Att. Renato “Aboy” A. Paraiso, representing Kentex

1.     Did Kentex have a special permit to do the welding work that caused the fire? ...

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