Kenya Consultant

International Senior Lawyers Project (ISLP)


  • Location: Nairobi, Kenya
  • Closing Date: 26/01/2018

The International Senior Lawyers Project is a non-profit organization based in New York and London.  We provide pro bono legal assistance to governments and civil society organizations in developing countries and strategically mobilize our unique network of highly skilled and experienced legal experts to advance just, accountable, and inclusive development around the world. Through this work, ISLP empowers its clients to better enable the benefits from development and investment to be shared equitably with legitimate developing country governments and their people.

Empowering Civil Society in Kenya’s Development

We developed our Kenya Program in Spring 2014. Through this program, we support vulnerable communities potentially impacted by large-scale investment and natural resource extraction projects by providing law-based solutions and legal tools. In late 2016, we also began working to support and advance impact investing in Kenya. 

1. Objectives of the Programs

Our programs aims to:

  • improve community representation in the planning, implementation, and regulation of development projects;
  • assist communities and CSOs in mitigating potential harms and in seeking remedies to existing harms from development projects;
  • help communities realize tangible economic and social benefits from large-scale developments that impact their lands and livelihoods;
  • build the capacity of local lawyers to represent community interests; and
  • stimulate impact investment opportunities of small- and medium-sized enterprises and nascent investment vehicles that embed social or environmental benefits into their business models.

2. Objective and Scope of the assignment

The Consultant will work mainly with our small and dedicated Community Inclusive Development (CID) team. S/he will work closely with our Director of Community Inclusive Development to further develop the Kenya program, and will be responsible for planning and attending meetings among clients, partners, and ISLP’s staff and pro bono lawyers, organizing and implementing in-country events, such as training programs, and coordinating the field work of ISLP’s pro bono lawyers and others as necessary.  Although the majority of the CID work will be in Kenya, there may be some opportunities to travel to neighboring countries for related work.

The consultant is also expected to provide support to ISLP’s Impact Investing Program Officer.  This collaboration will offer an unique opportunity to participate on a range of work that promotes inclusive economic growth, including but not limited to initiatives that promote impact investing and other innovations in social finance, provide direct legal support to social enterprises, and build the legal frameworks needed to enable growth of small- and medium-sized enterprises with a specific focus on delivering social impact and social benefits in Kenya and possibly other neighboring countries. The consultant will support ISLP’s impact investing work by helping develop field-building workshops, events, and tools that incentivize impact investments in East Africa; and by identifying opportunities to provide high-level strategic and structural support to enterprises that promote financial inclusion as a means to eradicate poverty.

S/he will be responsible for driving the Kenya programs in an extremely dynamic and fast changing environment.  Given that she will be working with a team based in New York and London, she will need to be a collaborative, detail-oriented self-starter who is willing to take on necessary tasks of all levels to meet the needs of the Kenya programs as they arise.

The primary responsibilities expected of the Consultant include:

  • maintain relationships for ISLP with clients and partners in Kenya with regular meetings and conversations with all relevant parties;
  • scope and identify potential new ISLP projects, clients, and partners to further develop the programs of work in Kenya and possibly nearby countries;
  • participate in weekly calls with ISLP staff to coordinate regarding prospective and ongoing projects and to evaluate Program progress;
  • attend meetings and events in Kenya relevant to Program priorities;
  • compile and update briefing materials regarding legal, political, and structural issues relevant to a given project;
  • assist in collection of information required for grant reporting (narrative and financial);
  • provide in-country logistical support to ISLP staff and volunteers when in Kenya;
  • provide logistical support and in-person coordination and oversight during workshops;
  • assist in gathering Kenya-side information required for project budgets (e.g. venue rental; local travel costs); and
  • provide timely notification about potential risks and issues relevant to Program.

4. Location and Travel

The Consultant will be based in Nairobi, Kenya and expected to travel as needed to project locations outside of Nairobi.  The Consultant will be responsible for his or her own arrangements for accommodations, work space, and travel in Kenya.  Modest expenses for the required in-country travel will be covered by ISLP in accordance with a written agreement to be made in advance between the Consultant and ISLP.  There may be a few occasions to travel outside of Kenya to neighboring countries.

6. Qualifications

Candidates must have the following qualifications:

  • A degree in law or practical experience in international law, human rights law, community lawyering, land rights or other related fields;
  • Knowledge of and/or exposure to economic development and human rights issues relevant to the Program and ISLP’s work in Kenya;
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail;
  • Excellent analytical and communication skills;
  • Ability to multi-task, plan work assignments, and both work independently and as part of a team;
  • Proven interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity;
  • Residency in Kenya or ability to relocate to Kenya for the duration of the consultancy term;
  • Competence in working in and traveling around a developing country and comfort in traveling around open areas of Kenya; and
  • Fluency in the English language.

Additionally, an ideal candidate would have the following preferred qualifications:

  • Experience in coordination of programs and dealing with a range of local and international stakeholders
  • Demonstrated experience working with community organizations with tact and appropriate deference to sensitivities among community members

7. Application

Please submit via email to [email protected] a résumé, brief writing sample, and cover letter containing a description of why you consider yourself to be the most suitable candidate for the assignment by January 26, 2017.  Because the preferred start date is as soon as possible, applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.  Selected candidates will be contacted for an interview.

ISLP is an Equal Opportunity Employer.