Kenya: Increasing number of construction workers recruited "illegally" and abused in Qatar

Author: Omondi Onyatta, The Star (Kenya), Published on: 9 February 2020

"Kenyans being duped to build stadiums in Qatar - Muhuri," 9 Feb 2020

A human rights organisation has decried the increasing number of Kenyans being swindled of their money by unscrupulous agents promising them stadium construction jobs in Qatar.

The migrants are subjected to de-humanising conditions including assault, indecent living conditions and inadequate food...

Efforts to involve the police... have been unsuccessful as most reported cases have not been investigated.

“They [rogue agents] are unregistered and difficult to trace. Those duped always report to authorities but nothing concrete comes out of it,” [Muhuri communications officer, Ernest] Cornel said.

The NGO urged that stakeholders must implement labour laws to the letter to clamp down on human trafficking.

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