Kenya: Kinangop Wind Park impacts communities in Nyandarua



 Country: Kenya

Project name: Kinangop Wind Park


Capacity: 60 MW

Companies involvedProject developer:  
Funders: Africa Infrastructure Investment Fund II (owned by Old Mutual Investment Group and Macquarie), Norfund.

This section briefly summarises key concerns about the projects:

The Kinangop Wind Park was planned to come online by mid-2015, and provide electricity to approximately 150,000 homes by 2018. However, it was cancelled following disputes over land compensation by local farmers and landowners. Fears of forced displacement, environmental and health concerns led to local protests, which left one dead in a confrontation with the police. A lawsuit was filed by locals to stop the project until their questions were answered. Protests made construction impossible, and the developers depleted their funds by February 2015, forcing them to cancel the project.

Equitable Origin argued that had developers embraced community engagement and integrated free, prior, and informed consent into the project, it may not have been cancelled.

Registered under Clean Development Mechanism