Kenya: Lake Turkana Wind Power Project impacts indigenous people in Lake Turkana region



 Country: Kenya

Project name: Lake Turkana Wind Power Project


Capacity: 310 MW

Companies involvedProject developer: Lake Turkana Wind Power (KP&P Africa B.V. and Aldwych Intl. co-developers).
Funders: Investment Fund for Developing Countries, Vestas, Eastern Africa Limited, Finnish Fund for Industrial Cooperation, KLP Norfund Investments, Sandpiper Ltd.


Lake Turkana Wind Power is poised to build the largest wind farm in Africa, with a planned capacity of 310 MW covering 162 km².  The project has been accused of inadequate consultations and of abusing indigenous peoples’ rights, land rights, and free, prior and informed consent. Lake Turkana Wind Power states that they have respected the rights of all affected communities in the area.

The most recent publications by the International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs and Danwatch detail allegations of inadequate consultation with indigenous communities and increased alcoholism, prostitution, and violence due to an influx of migrants into the area, and call on the company to respect local pastoralists’ right to free, prior & informed consent (FPIC). At the time of the publications, Lake Turkana Wind Power recognised this right but held that the pastoralist groups affected by the project are not indigenous and therefore FPIC was not necessary.  In their most recent response, Lake Turkana Wind Power has stated that they would engage with affected communities regardless of whether they are indigenous or not.

Company response:

Lake Turkana Wind Power response (Mar 2016) / questionnaire (Apr 2016) / questionnaire (Oct 2016)

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