Kenya: Local govt. threatens legal action against electricity co. KenGen over allegedly causing flooding that resulted in loss of lives & livelihoods

Author: Stephen Astariko, The Star (Kenya), Published on: 21 May 2018

"Korane threatens lawsuit against KenGen for damage caused by dams", 21 May 2018

Garissa county has threatened to sue KenGen for compensation for residents whose property was destroyed by flooding caused by the firm's overflowing dams.  Governor Ali Korane on Saturday said it was wrong for KenGen and other government agencies to release excess water from their dams without a care for residents' livelihoods.  Last week Masinga Dam, Kenya’s largest hydropower dam, overflowed after it reached full capacity.  The Kenya Electricity Generating Company...warned that the dam was nearing full capacity and would overflow anytime before Friday...The company estimated that the water would reach low lying areas in three or four days.  “We are glad that most residents heeded an earlier warning by authorities and moved to safer grounds to avoid possible disasters,” managing director and CEO Rebecca Miano said.  Korane...threatened to take KenGen to court for causing loss of livelihoods, lives and property when it released huge volumes of water from its dams.  He said no environmental assessment impact was conducted and the upstream dams need to be decommissioned immediately...[H]e signed four Bills, two of which will help the country fight perennial droughts and climate change...

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