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KPO response to Crude Accountability rejoinder

Author: Karachaganak Petroleum Operating BV (KPO), Published on: 28 September 2018

...Although we feel that KPO has already expressed its position in our 27 July, 2018 communication, nevertheless, having reviewed the rejoinder issued by Crude Accountability, KPO would like to offer some additional comments...The results of KPO's regular environmental monitoring on the territory of the Karachaganak oil and gas condensate field and around its perimeter continue to demonstrate that no harmful concentrations of pollutants arising from KPO's operations have been detected in any of the villages neighbouring the field...KPO faced multiple investigations by RoK authorities and demonstrated that (i) all emissions from KPO facilities are controlled by a network of Environmental Monitoring Stations that are installed in the field and at the Sanitary Protection Zone boundaries; and (ii) all environmental monitoring stations...showed air emissions below the limits of RoK law, in relation to the incident that occurred at the Karachaganak field in November 2014. All EMS heights correspond to manufacturer’s design. The statement that they “immediately began to record excess of hydrogen sulfide norms” once lowered, is not supported by EMS records...The allegation that flaring occurring at Karachaganak facilities has an adverse impact on the health of inhabitants of Berezovka and was not investigated by RoK authorities is also false as both RoK authorities and KPO did thoroughly investigate the incident of November 2014. Therefore, any allegations of a link between the flaring event and the intoxication of former Berezovka Villagers are not grounded...The 2 minute leak at Unit 3 referred to in the rejoinder was a minor leak of liquid condensate inside the plant and it was not associated with any gas release. The leak was quickly and safely contained...After carefully reviewing the matter, it was concluded that there is no connection between the leak at Unit 3 or other KPO operations and the health of children at the school...It is worth noticing that several different RoK authorities investigated the cases of intoxication at the former Berezovka Village, also with the support of the medical experts of the Russian Federation, and excluded any involvement of the KPO consortium into the intoxications of children and adults in the former Berezovka village...In 2018, RoK Police excluded any connection between the incident occurred at Karachaganak in November 2014 and symptoms of intoxications suffered by Berezovka residents. ..

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