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30 June 2020

Oxfam releases 3rd scoring of US and European supermarkets’ global food supply chains

Oxfam has assessed 16 large supermarkets across the US and Europe on their policies and practices in their food supply chains. The supermarkets were assessed on publicly disclosed policies and practices in four key areas: supply chain transparency;...

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29 June 2020

US: Supermarkets fall short on protecting workers from COVID-19 impacts, despite calls from consumers

Author: Oxfam

"Exposed: How US supermarkets are failing their workers in a global pandemic", 24 June...

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9 June 2020

KnowTheChain: Ranking companies' efforts to address forced labour in their supply chains

KnowTheChain is a resource for businesses and investors who need to understand and address forced labor risks within their supply chains....

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12 May 2020

Honduras: 6,500 workers on Fyffes’ melon plantations report ongoing labour abuses, chemical exposure & union busting; Incl. company responses

In April 2020, International Labor Rights Forum, Fair World Project, and the International Union of Food Workers published a report alleging ongoing labour rights violations faced by 6,500 workers on Fyffes’ melon plantations in Honduras since 2016....

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Company response
11 May 2020

Kroger's response

Author: Kroger

Kroger has not procured directly or, to the best of our knowledge, indirectly, any Fyffes’ melons from Honduras over the past year and do not have any orders scheduled for the upcoming growing season. Previously, we had plans to perform a Kroger soc...

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9 April 2020

USA: Unions call for greater protections for grocery store workers in response to death of at least 4 employees due to COVID-19

Author: Ashley Collman, Business Insider (USA)

At least 4 grocery store employees across the US have died of the coronavirus. Their union is demanding sanitary working conditions, protective gear, and hazard pay for these essential workers., 7 April 2020...

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7 April 2020

USA: four supermarket workers die of COVID-19; dozens test positive

Author: Abha Bhattarai, The Washington Post

“Grocery workers are beginning to die of coronavirus”, 06 April 2020...

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12 February 2020

Thailand: Intl. seafood buyers urge govt. to stay strong in transition towards ethical & sustainable fishing sector

Global retailers and buyers sourcing seafood from Thailand have called on the government to safeguard major reforms in the fishing industry amidst fears of back-tracking. Signatories of an open letter to the Thai government, which include Aldi, Lidl,...

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8 January 2020

USA: Business Must Act Coalition calls on 29 companies to prohibit guns in their stores & invest in community safety

The Business Must Act Coalition, comprised of 26 civil society groups, believes that American businesses have a civic responsibility to keep their customers and employees safe from gun violence in the absence of US government action on gun reform. In...

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22 October 2019
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En octobre 2019, Oxfam a publié un rapport dénonçant des abus des droits de travailleurs impliqués dans les chaînes d'approvisionnement de certains supermarchés internationaux. La recherche de l'ONG s'est concentrée sur la production du thé et de...

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