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13 January 2020

Report finds top fossil fuel companies responsible for more than half of ocean acidification affecting coastal communities & marine life

Author: R Licker, B Ekwurzel, S C Doney, S R Cooley, I D Lima, R Heede & P C Frumhoff, on IOP Science

...[M]ore than half of the global surface ocean acidification is attributable to the CO2 emissions traced to the extraction, refining and combustion of fossil fuels and manufacturing of cement from the 88 largest carbon producers... Of these 88 major...

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22 October 2019

Report shows 20 fossil fuel companies responsible for over one-third of carbon emissions & climate crisis

Author: Matthew Taylor & Jonathan Watts, Guardian (UK)

"Revealed: the 20 firms behind a third of all carbon emissions", 9 October 2019...

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16 October 2019
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14 December 2017
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Author: El Espectador (Colombia)

“100 compañías emiten 71% de los gases responsables del cambio climático”, 15 de diciembre de 2017...

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29 April 2015

Companies & govts. commit to end gas flaring to mitigate climate change, reduce health impacts & damage to crops

Author: Kieran Cooke, Climate News Network

"Commitment to end flaring is boost for climate talks", 29 Apr 2015...

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30 July 2009

China bows to activist pressure over refinery

Author: Tom Mitchell, Financial Times

China has taken the unusual step of moving a $5bn refinery and petrochemical plant, one of the country’s biggest foreign investment projects, after a public outcry…Wang Yang, party secretary of Guangdong province…attributed the decision to shift the...

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1 March 2009

[PDF] From Corporate Philanthropy to Strategic Partnerships: The Potential of Inclusive and Sustainable Business Models in MENA

Author: Djordjija Petkoski and Michael Jarvis, World Bank, and Cecilia Brady, Economic Development Specialist, paper for International Conference on“The Role of the Private Sector In Development: Assessment and Prospects” (23 - 25 March 2009, Beirut, Lebanon)

World Bank President Robert Zoellick’s has called for an “era of responsible globalization, where inclusivity and sustainability take precedence.” This leads to the question what role, if any, can the private sector play in fostering more inclusive and...

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28 April 2008

2008 Report on Revenue Transparency of Oil and Gas Companies

Author: Transparency International

The [report] evaluates 42 leading international and national oil and gas companies operating in 21 countries, based on the transparency of their reporting, particularly on payments made to governments for resource extraction rights. [companies surveyed...

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