Labour Migration In The UAE

18:00 – 20:00 | 26 January | London

The upcoming talk ‘Labour Migration in the UAE’ will be taking place on the 26th of January at Strand Campus. The vast majority of workers in the UAE are of Bangladeshi, Indian, and Pakistani origin; the UAE relies heavily on these workers to sustain their country’s economic growth. However, in many cases, workers’ passports are confiscated; they are not paid and are made to live in terrible conditions. Through our event, we want to raise greater awareness of the exploitation migrant workers are made to face—we hope you too can join us in this discussion.


Mariam Bhacker - Mariam is an Omani-English development professional who leads the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre’s project on migrant workers in Qatar and the UAE. Her work focuses on increasing corporate transparency and accountability for the rights of migrant workers in the construction and hospitality sectors in these countries. Mariam has previously researched access to healthcare among migrant workers in Qatar, UAE and Kuwait, and tracked Gulf health spending in Africa.

Sophia Furber- Sophia is a reporter and freelance researcher. She has analysed and catalogued recently declassified Foreign Office documents relating to Britain’s economic and political relations with the Gulf States, including documents relating to the 1973 oil crisis, and has written articles for publication in GCSS’s journal.

Rothna Begum- Rothna is the women’s rights researcher for the Middle East and North Africa region at Human Rights Watch. During this time, she has conducted research and led the advocacy on reform of the United Arab Emirates and other Gulf states’ laws and systems regarding migrant domestic workers. Prior to joining Human Rights Watch, Rothna worked for Amnesty International where she acquired five and a half years’ knowledge and experience of researching human rights in the Middle East and North Africa region.

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