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19 March 2020

Kenya: Lawsuit by locals against Lake Turkana Wind Power over land allocation & community participation slowing down project

Author: Duncan Gumba & Guyo Turi, Insitute for Security Studies (So. Africa)

"Kenya’s ambitious wind turbines battle community land crosswinds "...

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20 January 2020

Kenya: Local community's suit against Lake Turkana Wind Power for alleged unlawful land acquisition resumes

Author: Charles Wanyoro, Daily Nation (Kenya)

"Lake Turkana Wind Power case to resume today"...

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4 June 2018

Kenya: Columnist says energy generation projects slowed down by conflicts over land rights & environmental concerns

Author: Brian Wasuna, The Star (Kenya)

"Land battles, tender wars and cost secrets: Did Kenya bite off too much with energy projects?"...

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28 August 2017

Kenya: Locals communities should be consulted & benefit from renewable energy project, says columnist

Author: Ikal Ang'elei, (Director, Friends of Lake Turkana) in Heinrich Böll Stiftung (Kenya)

"When Clean Energy Gets Dirty: Experiences from Kenya"...

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21 August 2017

Social & environmental impact assessments to be carried out for Japan-Africa Energy Initiative projects

Author: Allan Olingo, The EastAfrican (Kenya)

"AfDB is investing in a new initiative to power Africa by 2025"...

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19 June 2017

Kenya moving towards total reliance on renewable energy & proposed coal plant does not make ecological & economic sense, says economist

Author: David Ndii, Daily Nation (Kenya)

"Political economy of Lamu coal plant and why we don’t need it"...

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12 June 2017

Kenya: Proposed coal plant's impacts on human health & environment make it a less attractive energy option, says columnist

Author: The Guardian (Nigeria)

"Lamu coal plant doesn’t make sense as Kenya has better energy options"...

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10 November 2016

Kenya: Court declines to stop Lake Turkana Wind Power project after locals allege lack of public participation before project initiation

Author: Darlington Manyara, Daily Nation (Kenya)

"Court declines to stop Sh75bn Lake Turkana wind power project"...

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3 November 2016

Renewable energy & human rights: Outreach to 50 companies

Company Response Platform | Briefing | Press Release Also see case studies & our previous outreach

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18 October 2016

Kenya: Locals claim Lake Turkana Wind Power acquired community land without consultation; company denies allegations

Author: Wanjohi Githae, Daily Nation (Kenya)

"High Court to make ruling about Marsabit wind power project"...

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