Laos: Unidentified Chinese-owned cement factories covers villages with dust & smog affecting 900 families

Author: Radio Free Asia, Published on: 2 December 2018

"Chinese-Owned Cement Factories Pollute Lao Villages", 30 November 2018

Two Chinese-owned cement factories in the Vang Vieng district of Laos’ Vientiane Province are covering approximately 900 local families in at least four villages with dust and smog, threatening their health....

...Pollution from the factories themselves is also a serious problem.

...Sommad Pholsena, Laos’ minister of natural resources and environment said...“The cement plant owners [are responsible for] exposing the mountain’s stones and I think we must press these Chinese developers to guarantee that the smog these factories release be at a standard level.”

...The Chinese firms operating the plants were not identified....


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