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Latin America: NGOs criticise EU-Mercosur trade deal for ignoring environmental & human rights situation in Brazil

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9 July 2019

EU-Mercosur deal harmful to forests & environment

Author: Fern

"EU Mercosur deal sacrifices forests and rights on the altar of trade", 28 June 2019

Twenty years of free trade negotiations between the European Union (EU) and the South American trade bloc known as Mercosur have resulted in a deal which will have devastating consequences for the climate.

"This trade deal is a double whammy for the planet: it will exacerbate deforestation and encourage the production of big, dirty, cars. This might just be the EU's worst trade agreement for the climate" said Perrine Fournier, trade and forests campaigner at Fern.

Today's agreement between the EU and Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay opens EU markets to more beef imports from countries where ranching is the main cause of deforestation, while favouring the export of EU cars, especially highly fuel-intensive Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs)...

...Since Jair Bolsonaro became Brazil’s President, his government has dismantled environmental protections, incursions by armed invaders on Indigenous Peoples’ lands have surged, and deforestation rates in the Amazon have risen...

...It will now be up to the EU Council and the European Parliament to approve the agreement's entry into force. On June 20, EU Member States made the "promotion of European values on the global stage" a priority for the next five years.


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9 July 2019

Latin America: EU free trade deal with Mercosur ignores environmental & human rights situation in Brazil

Author: Slow Food

By signing a trade agreement with the South American trade bloc Mercosur (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay), the European Union has missed a chance to stand firm on European principles. Slow Food Europe regrets that the main concerns, earlier expressed by more than 300 organizations over the deteriorating human rights and environmental situation in Brazil, have been ignored.

Since Jair Bolsonaro became Brazil’s President at the beginning of 2019, his government has dismantled environmental protections, tolerated incursions by armed invaders on Indigenous Peoples’ lands, and overseen a dramatic rise of deforestation rates in the Amazon, undermining years of progress...

...Even though the details of the agreement are yet to be revealed, it is clear the Mercosur deal has opened the door to cheap beef and poultry imports from South American countries, putting the livelihoods of European meat producers at risk...

...Slow Food Europe is also concerned that the Mercosur trade deal will also have real effects on those who did not sit at the negotiating table – farmers and smallholders in third-party countries. 

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