Latin America: Report presents environmental and social risks for the Amazon due to Chinese investment

Author: Amy Rosenthal, Debra Moskovits, John Reid; Authors: Kevin Gallagher, Paulina Garzón, Dietmar Grimm, Margaret Myers, Rebecca Ray, John Reid, Amy Rosenthal, Li Zhu from The Inter-American Dialogue's Asia and Latin America program, Boston University Global Development Policy (GDP) Center, China-Latin America Sustainable Investments Initiative (CLASII), Field Museum, and Paulson Institute, Published on: 3 June 2019

“New Report: CHINA AND THE AMAZON: Toward a Framework for Maximizing Benefits and Mitigating Risks of Infrastructure Development”, 30th May 2019

…Our report, "China and the Amazon: Toward a Framework for Maximizing Benefits and Mitigating Risks of Infrastructure Development," is the product of more than a year of collaborative work by representatives from these and several other public and non-governmental organizations in China, Latin America, the US, and Europe. The emergence of China as a new economic partner for Amazon basin countries has brought benefits to South America and China alike…The burgeoning relationship has granted China access to new products from the Americas and provided a new market for Chinese exports, financing, and overseas investment. In this time, China has become South America's lead trading partner, and China's policy banks…constitute the largest source of development finance for the region. However, this new scenario presents trade offs in the form of impacts on the Amazon Basin's unique biological and cultural diversity, global climate stability, and well being of local people. Without special care to avoid and minimize ecological and social impacts, the costs of development run the risk of outweighing its gains. The Amazon Basin—Earth's largest forested expanse—is particularly sensitive to infrastructure growth that leads to deforestation and forest degradation…



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