Alien Tort Claims Act (USA)

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13 May 2016

USA: The current state of Alien Tort litigation in the business & human rights context

Author: Michael Goldhaber, American Lawyer (USA)

"The Global Lawyer: The 'Zombie' Alien Tort, Three Years After Kiobel", 12 May 2016...

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11 May 2016

US court must reject lawlessness of torture in Abu Ghraib case against CACI, says former general counsel for US Navy

Author: Alberto Mora, senior fellow at Harvard Kennedy School & former general counsel of US Navy in Guardian (UK)

"Abu Ghraib prisoners deserve, finally, their day in court", 11 May 2015...

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10 May 2016

US federal court declines to rehear lawsuit against Arab Bank over alleged complicity in terrorist activities against Israelis

Author: Adam Klasfeld, Courthouse News (USA)

"Divided Circuit Won't Rehear Arab Bank Suit", 9 May 2016...

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4 May 2016

Mining companies operating in conflict-affected areas cannot overlook their responsibilities to respect human rights, says lawyer

Author: Mark Camilleri, Tsamota

"Miners, guns and lawyers: Tracing corporate liability for breaches of human rights by mining companies in conflict-affected areas", Oct 2015...

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20 April 2016

Paper assesses impact of US Supreme Court Kiobel decision on transnational litigation of corporate human rights abuses since 2013

Author: Maria Chiara Marullo & Francisco Javier Zamora Cabot, Universidad Jaume I (Spain)

"Transnational Human Rights Litigations.  Kiobel's Touch and Concern: A Test under Construction", 14 Apr 2016...

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1 April 2016

Human Rights First commentary on series of class action slavery lawsuits brought under California supply chain transparency law

Author: Sharon Samuel, Human Rights First (USA)

"Human Trafficking, Corporate Liability, and the Courts", 24 Mar 2016...

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14 March 2016

Multinationals unlikely to be held liable for CSR violations due to lack of transparency, research finds

Author: Anna Louise Vytopil, Utrecht University

"Contractual Control in the Supply Chain: On Corporate Social Responsibility, Codes of Conduct, Contracts and (Avoiding) Liability", 2015...

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8 March 2016

Paper on steps the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights can take to engage with the UN Guiding Principles in the extractive sector

Author: Cindy S. Woods, J.D. Georgetown University Law Center

“Business and Human Rights: the inter-American Commission on human rights & the extractive sector”...

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15 February 2016

Commentary: Rethinking parent companies’ liability for their subsidiaries’ human rights abuses abroad

Author: Gwynne Skinner, Willamette University College of Law, on CLS Blue Sky Blog (USA)

"Rethinking Limited Liability of Parent Corporations for their Subsidiaries' Extraterritorial Violations of Human Rights Law", 10 Feb 2016...

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20 January 2016

TPP provision on dispute resolution should be open to civil society & victims of corporate abuses, says academic

Author: Lance Compa, The Nation (USA)

“How to Make the Trans-Pacific Partnership Work for Workers and Communities”, 14 Jan 2016...

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