Lawsuit by former KBR worker alleging rape, imprisonment by colleagues in Iraq to be heard in US courts after firm drops Supreme Court appeal

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31 March 2010

Discrepancies regarding the Jones allegations

Author: KBR

There are significant discrepancies between Jones' claims and the facts developed to date by KBR…Discrepancy in stories regarding the night of the alleged assault… Jones stated she only took two sips from a drink…witnesses present at the social gathering outside the barracks observed her having several drinks and flirting…Jones' claims of imprisonment and deprivation of food and water…however… she was attended to by a female KBR employee, who…brought her drinks, food, clothing and toiletries…Jones claims that no investigation was done of the alleged rapes. KBR had begun a preliminary investigation, but was specifically instructed by the State Department to cease immediately…

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27 March 2010

KBR on Trial--At Last

Author: Karen Houppert, The Investigative Fund

Five years after alerting authorities that she was gang-raped in Iraq, KBR/Halliburton employee Jamie Leigh Jones will finally get her day in court…KBR announced that it was dropping its Supreme Court appeal in the case...Jones…had been barred from pursuing her…case in the courts by a provision in her employee contract: all such issues must be resolved via the company's own binding arbitration process…US Senator Al Franken...was able to get a provision included in the 2010 Defense Appropriations bill that banned government contracts from going to companies that used this "binding arbitration" clause...KBR's spokesperson Heather Browne told me that KBR's decision to withdraw its petition from the Supreme Court was directly related to passage of the Franken amendment..."KBR did not want to risk being in violation of the amendment..."

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