Lebanon: Facebook used for trafficking in domestic migrant workers. Co. did not respond

The Lebanese authorities have arrested a Lebanese man for trafficking in domestic migrant workers on Facebook. The man put a Nigerian domestic migrant worker for sale on a Facebook page named “Buy and sell in Lebanon”. He posted pictures of the Nigerian woman’s passport, with the title, “Domestic worker of African citizenship for sale with a new residency and full legal papers”. The Lebanese authorities has initiated an investigation into the incident. 

The Business and Human Rights Resource Centre contacted Facebook for a response to this allegation. Facebook did not respond. 

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Company non-response
21 May 2020

Facebook did not respond

24 April 2020

Lebanon Arrests man for trying to sell a migrant worker on Facebook

Author: Middle East Monitor

A man suspected of putting a Nigerian migrant domestic worker up for sale on a Facebook page used to trade everyday items has been arrested by Lebanese security forces. The suspect was apprehended yesterday by Lebanon’s General Security Agency. The organisation said an investigation into the incident had been launched and warned that advertising people online violates the country’s human trafficking laws. Adding, the advertisements are illegal as they “fall under the crime of human trafficking and the publisher is subject to prosecution before the courts”. Minister for Justice Marie-Claude Najem on Wednesday ordered the judiciary to follow up on the case. Najem said the case showed a “blatant violation of human dignity”.

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