Legal victory for Honda workers’ independent union in Mexico

Author: industriALL, Published on: 3 February 2014

The Honda workers’ trade union, the Sindicato de Trabajadores Unidos de Honda México (STUHM) has had to overcome many obstacles in its...struggle for the right to represent workers for collective bargaining...[O]n 24 January...the justice system ruled that the workers have the right to join the union of their choice and that a separate union does not have the power to request cancellation of STUHM’s official registration...[W]orkers at Honda México and their union STUHM have been organising with the aim securing the right to negotiate a collective agreement to improve health and safety at work, increase pay, eliminate excessive and arbitrary shift allocations, stop unfair dismissals and unexplained deductions from wages and benefits and put an end to official representation of the workers by the protection union...

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