Letter to John Ruggie on legal remedies for corporate abuses in So. Africa (Richard Meeran, Leigh Day & Co.)

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19 January 2009

[PDF] SRSG’s Statement on Open Letter from Mr. Richard Meeran

Author: John Ruggie, UN Special Representative on business & human rights

I am extremely grateful to Richard Meeran for sharing his reflections on the opportunities for, and limits of, holding multinational companies to account legally in the “home” states of their parent corporations...Providing guidance on the “remedy” part of the [“protect, respect, and remedy” policy framework] requires further in‐depth thinking and consultations, about judicial and non‐judicial mechanisms...The mandate is...conducting work on judicial remedies, focused on impediments to access. Mr. Meeran’s contribution is particularly relevant in that connection.

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16 January 2009

[DOC] Open Letter to the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General on Business and Human Rights: The genesis and development of MNC litigation in South Africa and a possible model for the future

Author: Richard Meeran, Partner, Leigh Day & Co

The ability to hold multi-national corporations (MNCs) to account legally in the home states of their head office parent corporations, for wrongdoing arising from their overseas developing country operations, is important...In light of the focus of the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General on Business and Human Rights on access to remedy for corporate violations of human rights, and the SRSG’s interest in better understanding obstacles to justice, I have been asked to share my and my firm’s first hand experience in the South African context, particularly as it relates to developing domestic capacity to address these kinds of cases. [refers to Anglo American, Cape PLC, Gencor, Thor Chemicals]

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