Liberia: Environmental group opposes logging by Rimbunan Hijau based on allegations of abuses in Papua New Guinea & elsewhere

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27 July 2006

Liberia Won’t Welcome Gangster Investors [Subscription required]

Author: Analyst [Liberian newspaper]

A Green Advocates press statement issued yesterday revealed that representatives of...Rimbunan Hijau...and its shell surrogate, Mafrica..., were amongst...investors who were currently in the country to take advantage of the partial lifting of UN sanctions on Liberian forest products... [Green Advocates said,] “Rimbunan Hijau uses tactics such as political corruption and abuses of indigenous peoples' rights within its operations..."... [In Papua New Guinea, according to a Greenpeace report,] "Police and forest department officials have arbitrarily arrested and detained those indigenous people who put up any form of protest, even though such protests are undertaken within the confines of their own lands and they have legitimate rights under the law to such forms of protest"... [also refers to Oriental Timber Company]

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28 June 2006

A global bully on the loose [Papua New Guinea]

Author: Alan Oxley, former Ambassador of Australia to GATT, consultant to Australian forestry industry & Rimbunan Hijau, in National [Papua New Guinea newspaper]

...the record of most multinationals is exemplary when they operate in foreign countries... What an irony it is then to see a major global NGO like Greenpeace, supported by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), behaving like a global bully towards a small country, in this case Papua New Guinea. Greenpeace is orchestrating a campaign to stop commercial forestry in Papua New Guinea... The focus of the Greenpeace campaign in PNG is Rimbunan Hijau. Greenpeace calls it a “corporate criminal” and an abuser of human rights. The company has refuted every allegation. Of course in this campaign, the company is a proxy for the PNG Government and the commercial logging industry at large, Greenpeace’s real targets.

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