Liberia: Kokoya residents demand compensation from MNG-Gold for destruction of their houses caused by activities of the mine

Author: Joseph Titus Yekeryan, The New Dawn (Nigeria), Published on: 22 January 2018

"Kokoya residents demand compensation from MNG-Gold", 4 Jan 2018

Some residents in Kokoyah Statutory district in Bong County are said to be demanding compensations in the amount of US 1250 each for what they term as destruction to their homes caused by activities of MNG-Gold, a mining company in the area...The current standoff between the local residents and the company follows destruction of several homes in the area, which residents say is as the result of the company’s blasting of rocks which left heavy shock that is believed to have caused for the destruction of more than two hundred and forty houses in the region...Following the incident, a mediation talk was organized by the company in the presence of Bong County Senator Henry Willie Yallah to find an amicable solution. This led to participants agreeing on the amount being demanded as compensation for victims. The mediation talk was attended by Heads of the company and representatives of the locals. Residents were promised to have gotten the money in less than one week, but the company seems not to be forthcoming on promise... This is not the first allegation to be levied against MNG-Gold by the local residents. It could be recalled over thirty people were taken to the Phebe Hospital after coming in contact with a stream allegedly polluted with chemical from the processing plant of mining company MNG Gold...MNG Gold Public Relations Officer Lloyd Ngawayah told reporters that the company is concerned about the situation and maintained that they are in conversation with authorities to bring the situation under control.

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