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10 February 2020
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Author: Amanda Romero (Centro de Información sobre Empresas y Derechos Humanos), José Aylwin y Marcel Didier (Observatorio Ciudadano, Chile)

“Globalización de las empresas de energía renovable: Extracción de litio y derechos de los pueblos indígenas en Argentina, Bolivia y Chile (“Triángulo del Litio”)” – Diciembre de 2019...

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10 February 2020

South America: NGOs analyse indigenous peoples’ demands on access to water in fragile salt lakes in lithium production areas; Albemarle proposes a network to monitor water scarcity in Chile

A report analysing the demands by indigenous peoples affected by a growing demand of lithium extracted at three salt lakes in Argentina, Bolivia and Chile highlights the increasing concerns about responsible use of water by companies in that South...

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Company response
4 September 2019

Livent response

Author: Livent Corporation

Thank you for the opportunity to respond.  We at Livent take the concerns raised in your article very seriously.  Responsible stewardship of the environment is essential to our work.  Our mission is to harness lithium technology to power people’s lives...

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18 January 2019
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