Local community raises concerns around wind energy project in Turkey; incl. company responses

The Goldstandard registered Çeşme Wind Power Project, located on a peninsular close to Izmir in Turkey, was initiated by the Turkish energy company Vega Wind Energy Electricity Generation Inc. (formerly ABK Energy) and supplied with wind turbines by German company Nordex SE. The Turkish company Life Climate and Energy Limited (Life Enerji) provides consultancy services.

According to the local community the project was implemented without adequately consultation of local stakeholders and landowners, and those opposing the project have allegedly faced harassment via local/regional media and courts. The community has filed several (ongoing) complaints against the project including at local and administrative courts as well as the Supreme Court of Turkey, however construction continued. In 2015, the German National Contact Point accepted partial responsibility for an OECD complaint filed against Nordex, following which the company agreed to improve its due diligence process (the case was also covered in this 2017 Germanwatch report). In April 2019, the community also submitted a letter to Goldstandard alleging non-compliance. Goldstandard has openend a formal investigation, which concluded in March 2020. The investigation found non-conformity issues, including that the project failed to inform Gold Standard of ongoing cases proceedings and did not fully comply with the Gold Standard Stakeholder Consultation requirements. The project's registration status has been suspended.

In August 2019, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre reached out to Vega Wind Energy Electricity Generation Inc., Life Enerji and Nordex SE asking them to respond to a summary of the project published on Banktrack's website (also included below), outlining the concerns. Wind Energy Electricity Generation Inc. in its response maintains that all its activities are conducted in compliance with the law and meet human rights and environmental requirements. Their full response, as well as responses from Life Enerji and Nordex SE, are available below.

In November 2019, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre reached out to banks and project financiers that allededly provided financial support to the project, namely DZ Bank, KfW and the credit export agency Euler Hermes. DZ Bank declined to comment, citing client confidentiality, KfW said they were unaware of any project financing. Euler Hermes' response is available below.

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14 May 2019

Banktrack profile - ABK Cesme Wind Turkey

Author: Cesme Platformu via Banktrack

...The ABK Cesme Wind energy project in Turkey consists of six wind turbines, each 150 metres high, with a capacity of 18MW. The project was initiated by Turkish energy company ABK Energy in May 2015 and required an investment of EUR 24 million. German company Nordex SE supplied the wind turbines. These turbines are located within the residential areas of the Cesme village, as close as 300 metres to people's homes. The project was implemented without consultinglocal people, landowners, interested NGOs, tourist dependant local businessmen, nor farmers...

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