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18 August 2017
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Author: VOAAfrique

"Les mineurs sud-africains demandent toujours justice cinq ans après le massacre de Marikana"...

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8 May 2017

South African banks fund mining projects in southern Africa that raise issues over social, environmental, human rights impacts, says new report

Southern Africa Resource Watch, in announcing its report, South African Banks Footprint in SADC Mining Projects, said:...

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7 May 2017

So. Africa: Social & Labour Plans system needs "a radical overhaul" to accord workers in mining companies and host communities a central role, says report

Author: Centre for Applied Legal Studies, Univ. of the Witwatersrand (South Africa

[Original publication date: March 2017]...

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27 March 2017

So. Africa: NGO says working with widows of Marikana massacre to tell their own story; says official account insulated Lonmin and govt. from accountability

Author: Keaton Allen-Gessesse, SERI litigation volunteer and Harvard Public Service Venture Fellow (USA)

"Who owns the story of South Africa’s Marikana massacre?", 22 March 2017...

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23 February 2017

Empty Promises and the Myth of Mining: Does Mining Lead to Pro-Poor Development?

Author: Bonita MEYERSFELD, Business and Human Rights Journal, Volume 2, Issue 1

Mining operations in the Global South often worsen conditions for affected communities after the conclusion of the operations as compared to pre-mining conditions. This is regression, not progress, which is contrary to the narrative surrounding mining...

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13 February 2017

"Much ado about responsible mining in Africa yields few results", says leader of the Alternative Mining Indaba

Author: Malcolm Damon, Economic Justice Network, in Mail & Guardian (South Africa)

"Much ado about responsible mining in Africa yields few results", 9 Feb 2017...

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26 January 2017

Protesters demand apology for Marikana miners massacre outside Lonmin AGM in London

Author: Africa News

"Protesters demand apology for Marikana miner massacre outside LonMin AGM in London", 26 Jan 2017...

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16 January 2017
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Author: Dachverband der Kritischen Aktionäre, London Mining Network

Eine düstere Hommage für die 34 Bergleute, die am 16. August 2012 von der südafrikanischen Polizei erschossen wurden. Begleitet von einer Klangkulisse, die Gewehrschüsse nachahmt, werden Fotos der ermordeten Bergleute hochgehalten und ihre Namen...

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16 January 2017

NGOs & investors to challenge Lonmin at its Annual General Meeting to implement Marikana massacre commitments

Author: Association of Ethical Shareholders Germany, London Mining Network

A sombre tribute to the 34 mine workers killed by South African police in August 2012, with images of each of the murdered miners and a reading of their names, punctuated by gunshot sound effects. The protest will be attended by Bishop Seoka be...

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11 January 2017

So. Africa: NGO says tensions running high over unfulfilled housing commitments by Lonmin in Marikana; says 1 person killed over a housing dispute

Author: African News Agency (South Africa)

"Lonmin housing dispute at boiling point in Marikana", 13 Dec 2016...

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