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17 February 2020

Exiled Kenyan sues Lufthansa & Air France for alleged complicity in arbitrary and forced exclusion from entering Kenya

Author: Joseph Wangui, Daily Nation (Kenya)

"Miguna sues Lufthansa, Air France over failed return to Kenya"...

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4 February 2020

American Airlines' pilots file lawsuit to seek immediate halt of flights to China while airlines adopt measures to prevent coronavirus spread

Author: Reuters

“Pilots, flight attendants demand flights to China stop as virus fear mounts worldwide”, 31 January 2020...

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14 November 2019

Germany: 1,300 flights grounded after flight attendants strike over union's legal status

Author: Marty Johnson, The Hill

"Airline Lufthansa grounds 1,300 flights due to massive worker strike", 7 November 2019...

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20 May 2019

EU and US firms appeal to European voters

Author: Foo Yun Chee, Reuters

'Free scooter rides and EU power ballads, big firms pump up voters for EU polls' 20 May 2019...

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15 March 2019
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En una semana en que se ha ido restableciendo paulatinamente el servicio eléctrico, tras saqueos y violencia que afectaron al país, American Airlines anunció que suspende los vuelos a Venezuela, al tiempo que la administración Trump anunció que...

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6 December 2017
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Author: Matthias Korfmann, Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung

"Warum Piloten Dutzende Abschiebungen in NRW stoppten", 4 Dezember 2017...

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5 December 2017

Germany: Lufthansa pilots ground 222 flights after refusing to deport asylum seekers

Author: The Independent

German pilots have grounded more than 220 flights because they were being used to deport failed asylum seekers. Many of the pilots involved said they wanted no part in sending people back to Afghanistan, where violence is still rife following years of...

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19 September 2017

Eritrea: Metalor & Lufthansa accused of importing gold extracted under conditions of forced labour to Switzerland; incl. company responses

On 30 August 2017, Swiss national TV aired a major report detailing how huge amounts of raw gold extracted from Eritrea, under practices of forced labour and slavery, end up in Switzerland for the final process of refinery. The report indicates that...

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Company response
19 September 2017

Response by Lufthansa

Author: Lufthansa

Lufthansa Cargo Statement:...

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29 January 2017

Germany: Lufthansa Group denounces alt-right news outlet Breitbart, regrets company's ad on it

Author: DNA - Daily News & Analysis

The Lufthansa Group has said it was "unfortunate" that the company's ad appeared on Breitbart, a conservative, alt-right news outlet in the US. Referring to Breitbart as a website that promotes "violent, sexist, extremist or politically radical content...

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