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26 October 2001

Talisman jumps on Sudan sale speculation

Author: Jeffrey Jones, Reuters

Talisman Energy Inc. shares jumped nearly 6 percent on Friday on speculation it could sell its stake in war-torn Sudan's biggest oil project to Sweden's Lundin Petroleum AB...Talisman, which also operates in Canada, the North Sea and Indonesia, has...

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25 August 2001

Unsanctioned Action: Political Power Does Not Grow From The Barrel Of An Economic Gun

Author: editorial, Thomas G. Donlan, Barron's [USA]

The [U.S.] Administration opposes a new form of economic sanction that might be applied to the government of Sudan. The House of Representatives recently passed the "Sudan Peace Act," which includes an amendment prohibiting foreign companies that do...

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23 August 2001

Talisman could be caught in SEC clampdown - Political battle

Author: Peter Morton, Financial Post [Canada]

Alberta firm under pressure to divest Sudan operations - The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is not backing down from a new demand that foreign companies wanting to raise capital in the U.S. must declare whether they are earning profits from ...

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22 June 2001

Talisman is better off nurturing core assets

Author: Brent Jang, The Globe and Mail [Toronto]

Calgary-based Talisman Energy's $529-million deal yesterday to buy Sweden's Lundin Oil could clear the way for the Canadian company to eventually extricate itself from war-torn Sudan

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21 June 2001

Lundin deal gives Talisman way out of Sudan

Author: Reuters

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17 May 2001

Sudan oil atrocities prove need for new regulation of business

Author: Christian Aid

[refers to OMV, TotalFinaElf, Lundin Oil, Rolls Royce, Weir Pumps, BP Amoco]

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15 March 2001

Boom time for few signals misery and death for many [Sudan]

Author: Mark Curtis, Head of Advocacy at Christian Aid, in Guardian [UK]

The foreign oil companies in Sudan are choosing to wall themselves off from these realities. Many, such as Talisman (Canada), Lundin (Sweden) and CNPC [China National Petroleum Corporation] (China), are complicit in the atrocities through their...

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