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Responding department: Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

Note: This response was originally submitted in French.  Unofficial English translation provided by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre.

Response to the UN Working Group surveys on implementation of the Guiding Principles

Has your government taken any initiatives to reduce companies’ negative impacts on human rights that you consider particularly successful?


What department or departments have significant responsibility for business and human rights within your government?

IMS Luxembourg (Inspiring More Sustainability) is the organization that supports companies in their CSR efforts, by promoting dialogue with (private, public and civil society) stakeholders: [link]

The mission of IMS Luxembourg is to support its members in their sustainable development initiatives and offer them tools (guides, best practice guidelines, etc.), to enable them to develop their policies and carry out their projects. IMS Luxembourg offers concrete solutions through projects in which companies can get involved.

Since its creation, IMS has steadily increased its activities to raise the awareness of businesses of these issues. IMS Luxembourg is currently focusing on specific "research and action" projects that involve several stakeholders at both the national and European levels (ministries, SMEs, large corporations, civil society organizations, national networks, local authorities, etc.). Its objective is to identify and disseminate good practices through its network.

IMS Luxembourg is the national representative of CSR Europe for Luxembourg (CSR Europe is the leading European business network for CSR, and is made up of more than 80 multinational corporations and 35 national partners).

The INDR (National Institute for Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility) was established by the Luxembourg Employers' Union (UEL) to promote corporate social responsibility within businesses in Luxembourg, so that they contribute to sustainable development and improve their competitiveness and image.

Has your government undertaken new business & human rights initiatives or strengthened existing ones since the endorsement of the UN Guiding Principles in June 2011?

Not at present (a National Action Plan on business and human rights is planned over the coming years)

Has your government adopted a National Action Plan on business and human rights as encouraged by the UN Human Rights Council and UN Working Group on business & human rights, or will it do so in the future?

Not at present (a National Action Plan on business and human rights is planned over the coming years)

Access to remedy: For companies headquartered in your country or their subsidiaries, has your government taken steps to enhance accountability for human rights impacts abroad?

It should be noted that labour legislation in Luxembourg constitutes a public policy which must be complied with in Luxembourg, even by foreign companies executing a contract in the Grand Duchy. In addition to all the safety standards, the guaranteed minimum wage must be paid to all employees involved in execution of a public contract, whether the company concerned is incorporated in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg or is incorporated elsewhere and simply performs work in Luxembourg.