Major US food companies establish sustainability alliance to benefit fishing communities & the environment

Author: Christine Blank, SeafoodSource, Published on: 25 July 2018

"Major US food companies form sustainability alliance", 18 July 2018

Unilever United States, Danone North America, Nestle USA, and Mars Incorporated have joined together to create the Sustainable Food Policy Alliance (SFPA), a new advocacy group that aims to benefit fishing communities and the environment. The SFPA seeks to advance policies that are beneficial for the environment, while accounting for the specific business imperatives of its supply chains, including fishing communities, farmers, ranchers, and other producers. “As an Alliance, we commit first and foremost to leading by example. Each member company has independently proven a willingness to advocate for the long-term interests of the people who farm and supply our raw materials, and people who make and consume our products,” (...) the manufacturers said... Nestlé, which purchased around 134,000 tons of seafood in 2017, formed an Action Plan in 2015 to tackle Thai forced labor practices, which it called “unacceptable.” “We are now confident that seafood products from problematic Thai fishing vessels [are] not entering our supply chain,” the manufacturer said on its website... SFPA member companies will prioritize U.S. public policy advocacy and action in five key areas: (1) Consumer Transparency... (2) Environment... (3) Food Safety... (4) Nutrition... [and] (5) People and Communities...

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