Malaysia: Concerns over health & environmental impacts of Lynas rare earths mining & refinery

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Company non-response
30 September 2014

Lynas did not respond

We invited Lynas to respond to the report "Lynas Corporation’s Rares Earths Refinery in Malaysia –Vying for a License to Operate Amid Cries to Shut Down". It did not respond.

9 September 2014

Malaysia grants full license to rare earths mining company Lynas despite protests against its health & environmental impacts

Author: Rowena Dela Rosa Yoon, Asian Correspondent

“Lynas Corp wins full mining licence in Malaysia despite protests”, 3 September 2014

Protesters against the Lynas Advanced Material Plant operating in Kuantan, Malaysia face bleak days ahead after the Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) granted the controversial plant a Full Operating State Licence after the Temporary Operating Licence (TOL) issued in 2012 expired…Activist groups…have been urging the company to reveal the location of its waste disposal facility…The groups have been fighting against toxic and radioactive wastes from the plant which they claim to be posing health threats to the local community. The location of waste disposal facility has been undisclosed up to this time…Amin [Abdullah, corporate communications manager of Lynas Malaysia said]…“We are pleased to inform that Lynas complies with all relevant National and International regulations & standards set by IAEA, AELB, DOE etc”…The AELB issued the two-year TOL to Lynas on Sept 3, 2012 with five conditions, including disclosure of the PDF of the radioactive waste…

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23 June 2014

Australian environmental protester arrested in Malaysia during anti-Lynas demonstrations

Author: Australia Network News

An Australian environmental protester, Natalie Lowrey, is in Malaysian police custody after taking part in a protest to stop a rare earths processing plant in the country's east. Sixteen people were detained during the demonstration, but most of them [have been] released…An estimated 1,000 people turned up to blockade the entrance of the controversial Lynas rare earths processing plant in Gebeng, Kuantan in a fresh bid to have it shut down…The Lynas plant began operations in January 2013 after delays due to strong opposition from local residents and green groups, who fear radioactive contamination…

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2 February 2012

[video] Rare-earths plant in Malaysia faces hurdle

Author: Florence Looi, Al Jazeera

A Malaysian group representing villagers and civil groups will file a legal challenge to the government's decision to approve a massive rare-earths plant by Lynas, the Australian mining company .The Atomic Energy Licensing Board would grant Lynas a licence to operate the first refinery outside China in years, despite public protests in Malaysia over fears of radioactive pollution. It said Lynas must submit plans for a permanent disposal facility within 10 months and make a $50m financial guarantee. The Malaysian government hopes the Lynas plant will spur growth. But the project has been the subject of fierce protests over health and environmental risks posed by potential leaks of radioactive waste. [Transcript]: Lynas says, It recognises its responsibility to operate the plant is a safe and sustainable manner.

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12 May 2011

Malaysians fear impact of 'rare earths' refinery

Author: Kathy Hearn, Al Jazeera

Residents of a coastal town in Malaysia are concerned about a new refinery being built in the area. An Australian company [Lynas] is planning to process "rare earths" in the plant - minerals used in electronic devices. [Residents raise concerns over refinery’s detrimental impact on human health and the environment. Company CEO says plant will be safe] [Report also refers to Mitsubishi]

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