Malaysia: Stench & ash from plastic factory in Sepang affect residents' health

Author: Adam Abu Bakar, Free Malaysia Today, Published on: 25 May 2019

"Residents demand closure of Sepang plastic factory", 26 May 2019

A plastic recycling factory is causing problems to residents....

...[R]esidents had to bear with the stench and ash from burning of plastic, which is causing a skin itch and problems to those suffering from asthma.

...[T]he factory, believed to be owned by an investor from China, was closed...following complaints but had begun operating again after obtaining a temporary six-month permit from the council.

...[R]esidents and NGOs, gathered outside the gates of the express their unhappiness over the reopening of the factory.

...Sean Ng, who runs a dragonfruit farm about 200m from the factory, blamed the burning of plastic for his poor produce.

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