Man Sues For Pregnancy Discrimination After He And His Wife Are Laid Off [USA]

Author: Carol Kleiman, Chicago Tribune, Published on: 30 June 1992

Expectant fathers - not just expectant mothers - have the right to sue for pregnancy discrimination, according to a federal District Court in Virginia...Nicol and his wife, Jody, were vice presidents of Imagematrix Inc., a computer graphics and arts company in Falls Church, Va. They worked for the company from 1988 to 1989, when both were fired. The Nicols were told declining sales and company cash flow were the reasons they were terminated. But the Nicols thought the unexpected dismissals six months after Jody told her employers she was pregnant were because Jody was going to have a baby...''This case establishes his right to sue if he believes he was fired because of her pregnancy,'' [management and employment lawyer] Benton-Powers said.

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