Maritime Industry

Application of human rights throughout the maritime environment at all times without exception

David Hammond, Founder & Trustee, Human Rights at Sea

From working conditions of ship workers to modern-day-slavery in the fishing industry, to violent attacks by pirates and others, to environmental contamination affecting human health, the industry is in need of norms, and standards to address these issues effectively.

Phil Bloomer, Executive Director, Business and Human Rights Resource Centre

Maritime industries continue to face serious human rights and labour rights abuses, from modern-day-slavery in the fisheries industry to labour rights violations of seafarers and those who work in shipbreaking yards. Businesses, through their operations and supply chains, should uphold human rights equally as they do on land and at sea.

This in-depth area will look into the specific labour rights issues and human rights abuses in the maritime industry with a focus on three sub-categories: seafaring, fishing and shipbreaking. 

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1 February 2019

Australia: WWF partners with tech cos. to track supply chains involved in environmental harm & human rights abuses

The World Wide Fund (WWF) in Australia is partnering with technology companies to track supply chains and help stop illegal, unsustainable fishing practices and curb human rights abuses such as slavery. Media reports are linked below.

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23 January 2019

Dutch ship-owner fined for beaching ship in India under conditions causing damage to environment & health

Author: Hellenic Shipping News

"Another Dutch ship owner faces huge fine for having beached a vessel", 21 January 2019...

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17 December 2018

Norway: Investigation into death of a fisherman spotlights inhumane working conditions on fishing boats

Author: Dagbladet Magasinet

"THE DEADLIEST CATCH", 11 Dec 2018...

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11 December 2018

HRAS publishes new legal research paper on maritime business & human rights

Author: Alejandro Guzmán Woodroffe, Human Rights at Sea

HRAS publishes new legal research paper on Business and Human Rights, 6 December 2018...

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29 October 2018

Bolton Group to adopt new tuna sourcing policy following consumer pressure for better fishing practices & human rights standards for workers

Author: Oliver Knowles, Greenpeace

"People powered progress on tuna", 24 October 2018...

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17 September 2018

Human Rights at Sea launches first of three educational videos on UNGPs in the maritime industry

On 17 September, Human Rights at Sea launched the first in its series of freely available educational films and accompanying infographics on the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) and their application in the maritime industry....

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13 September 2018

Environmental Justice Foundation welcomes German NAP but highlights need for focus on human rights abuses in the seafood industry

Author: Environmental Justice Foundation


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29 July 2018

Study by Human Rights at Sea & University of Bristol highlights human rights abuses at sea, and the challenges in monitoring & reporting them

"HRAS & University of Bristol Publish ‘Flag States and Human Rights’ Report", 24 July 2018...

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17 July 2018

Thailand: Forced labour, trafficking, & worker abuse still rampant in fishing industry despite reform measures

In January 2018, Human Rights Watch released a report describing rights abuses and forced labor in Thailand's Fishing Industry. This story compiles commentaries and additional reports on this issue.    

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24 May 2018

ITF & Nautilus International will call the ILO for a significant rise in global seafarers minimum wage

Author: Safety4Sea (Greece)

'Nautilus, ITF call for rise in seafarers wages' 23 May 2018...

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