Maritime Industry

Application of human rights throughout the maritime environment at all times without exception

David Hammond, Founder & Trustee, Human Rights at Sea

From working conditions of ship workers to modern-day-slavery in the fishing industry, to violent attacks by pirates and others, to environmental contamination affecting human health, the industry is in need of norms, and standards to address these issues effectively.

Phil Bloomer, Executive Director, Business and Human Rights Resource Centre

Maritime industries continue to face serious human rights and labour rights abuses, from modern-day-slavery in the fisheries industry to labour rights violations of seafarers and those who work in shipbreaking yards. Businesses, through their operations and supply chains, should uphold human rights equally as they do on land and at sea.

This in-depth area will look into the specific labour rights issues and human rights abuses in the maritime industry with a focus on three sub-categories: seafaring, fishing and shipbreaking. 

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