Maritime Industry

Application of human rights throughout the maritime environment at all times without exception

David Hammond, Founder & Trustee, Human Rights at Sea

From working conditions of ship workers to modern-day-slavery in the fishing industry, to violent attacks by pirates and others, to environmental contamination affecting human health, the industry is in need of norms, and standards to address these issues effectively.

Phil Bloomer, Executive Director, Business and Human Rights Resource Centre

Maritime industries continue to face serious human rights and labour rights abuses, from modern-day-slavery in the fisheries industry to labour rights violations of seafarers and those who work in shipbreaking yards. Businesses, through their operations and supply chains, should uphold human rights equally as they do on land and at sea.

This in-depth area will look into the specific labour rights issues and human rights abuses in the maritime industry with a focus on three sub-categories: seafaring, fishing and shipbreaking. 

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23 May 2017

Myanmar: Fishermen protest against access restrictions at Kyaukphyu seaport; fishing not allowed where China National Petroleum Corporation's ships dock

Author: Moe Myint, Irrawaddy

"Fishermen Protest Against Kyaukphyu Seaport," 22 May 2017...

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16 May 2017

Coalition of fisheries leaders, maritime workers & employers call on EU to end forced labour in its waters

Author: The Fish Site

"Pressure to stamp out forced labour in EU waters" 12 May 2017...

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7 May 2017

Guidance on best practice in ethical recruitment of migrant workers

Author: Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility

...The global recruitment industry and its many risks have become a focal point for many companies with extended supply chains. ICCR members challenge companies in their respective sectors to take leadership and become models for their sector peers,...

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23 April 2017

US retailers make progress towards improving working conditions in the tuna industry, finds Greenpeace

Author: The Maritime Executive

"In its second canned tuna ranking, Greenpeace USA found that a number of U.S. retailers have made significant progress toward offering consumers more sustainable and ethical products....

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3 April 2017

ILO urges Thai Govt. to improve efforts to protect migrant workers in fishing vessels following ITUC & ITF representation that Thailand is failing to observe the Forced Labour Convention

In a communication dated 12 February 2016, the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) and the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) made a representation to the International Labour Organization (ILO) alleging non-observance by...

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31 January 2017

Indonesia: Ministry creates certification mechanism to address human rights abuses in fishing industry

On 24 January 2017, Indonesia's Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry issued Ministerial Regulation No. 2/2017, which “creates a certification mechanism to ensure the fishing industry here is free from human rights violations”. Among the requirements...

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9 January 2017

Pakistan: At least 5 dead as fire breaks out at Gadani shipbreaking yard

Author: Ismail Sasoli, Dawn [Pakistan]

At least five people were killed and one other injured when a fire broke out in a ship parked on plot 60 of the Gadani shipbreaking yard in...Over 55 labourers were working on the out-of-service LPG ship when the blaze started...Officials from the...

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15 December 2016

Thailand: Greenpeace's investigation exposes severe labour rights abuses of rogue overseas fishing fleet in animal food export supply chain

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25 November 2016

ILO Convention 188 on vessel labour to enter into force in 2017; will provide "major boost to fight against forced labour"

Author: Undercurrent

"ILO convention on vessel labor enters into force", 25 Nov 2016...

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23 November 2016

Seafood exporters lawsuit (re human trafficking in Thailand)


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