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4 February 2015
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Author: Benjamin Bourinat, Le Nouvel Observateur (France)

« Davos : les chefs d'entreprises s'engagent pour les droits des homosexuels. Un signal fort », 3 février 2015...

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6 August 2014

Obama's speech at US-Africa Business Forum

...I’m pleased that in conjunction with this forum, American companies are announcing major new deals in Africa.  Blackstone will invest in African energy projects.  Coca-Cola will partner with Africa to bring clean water to its communities.  GE will...

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17 April 2014

Can Your Company Be Sued For a Terrorist Attack?

Author: Brooks M. Hanner, Corporate Counsel (USA)

…[C]ompanies that were indirectly or unwittingly connected to terrorism faced lawsuits after an attack…[R]ecent case law and statutory developments have strengthened the legal protections available to an innocent business involved in a terrorist...

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31 January 2014

CEOs take Obama pledge to end bias against long-term unemployed [USA]

Author: Roger Runningen & Mike Dorning, Bloomberg News

President Barack Obama is meeting today with chief executives from Bank of America…to EBay…to ask for help in reducing job discrimination against the long-term unemployed. The White House released a list of 23 corporate or small business leaders...

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20 December 2013

Study: 51 of 100 Top Companies Emitting Unsustainable Levels of CO2

Author: Mary Mazzoni, TriplePundit

Climate Counts and the Center for Sustainable Organizations just released what they call the “world’s first” science-based company rankings,...[assessing] the emissions performance of 100 companies from 2005 to 2012 within the context of climate...

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9 December 2013

Best Places to Work 2014 [USA]

Author: Human Rights Campaign

This year, an historic 304 major businesses…scored 100 percent on HRC’s Corporate Equality Index and the coveted distinction of “Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality.” These companies adopted a full framework of LGBT inclusion in the workplace,...

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30 July 2013

US gay activists emboldened as Russian vodka, Sochi protests spread [Russia]

Author: RIA Novosti

...As boycotts of Russian vodka spread across the globe in protest over new Russian laws on homosexuality, US gay rights activists warn the campaign could be the first stage in a broader drive targeting Russia’s economy and image with the Sochi Winter...

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11 June 2013

Myanmar at the crossroads

Author: Aron Cramer, BSR (Business for Social Responsibility)

The challenge of developing Myanmar is hard to overstate. Political turmoil remains close to the surface, with full reconciliation between the government and the main minority ethnic groups continuing to present a monumental challenge…Religious...

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3 June 2013

Companies have a responsibility towards upholding human rights

Author: Rubina Singh, Gulf Times

The fourth Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility held in Doha last week explored, among other themes, the importance of upholding human rights in the business world. Some business leaders maintain that their sole responsibility is to be...

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1 June 2013

Interview with Chris Avery of the Resource Centre in Gulf Times: "Companies have a responsibility towards upholding human rights"

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