Marrying cash and change: social 'stock markets' spread worldwide

Author: Evan Weaver, Global Envision, Published on: 24 September 2012

Stock exchanges serving only socially-oriented companies will soon open in Singapore and London...The first social investment "exchange" was born in Brazil...The Bolsa de Valorous Socioambientais...operates more like an online crowdfunding platform...[The] return is social, not financial...The Impact Investment Exchange (IIX) of Asia pushed the markets a significant step forward through its...platform for investment in social enterprises...'Impact Capital' will run more like a traditional stock exchange...A partnership between the stock exchange of Mauritius and Nexii...produced the Impact Exchange Board (iX) in 2011, the first fully regulated social stock exchange...[The] London Social Stock Exchange (SSE) hopes to [become the second "social stock exchange"] the first quarter in 2013..."We’re not talking about big companies with a good CSR record, but smaller ones that specialize in providing goods and services explicitly for a social purpose," Pradeep Jethi, SSE co-founder and chief executive, told the Rockefeller Foundation...

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