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13 July 2016

New report presents 6 case studies on company efforts against modern slavery in construction supply chains

Author: Emma Crates, CIOB

"CIOB calls for cross industry action to tackle modern slavery", 13 Jul 2016...

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22 July 2015

Full paper: "Community voice in human rights impact assessments"

Author: Oxfam America

Human rights impact assessments (HRIAs) are intended to minimize human rights risks, lessen adverse impacts, and strengthen positive outcomes of business investments on affected populations. For an HRIA to fulfill this purpose, it must consider the...

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Company response
9 June 2015

Marshalls' response to Rock Bottom Report

Author: Marshalls

Marshalls is disappointed to be referenced in this Report as the company does not source granite paving from this region. Marshalls is also incorrectly reported as ‘non responding’, however a response was issued. Following the publication of the...

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6 June 2015

India: Report highlights modern slavery & child labour in granite quarries

Modern slavery is widespread in Indian quarries. Child labour also occurs frequently. Most Dutch importers of Indian granite give no information from which quarries they are sourcing their granite or say they do not know from which quarries the stone...

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21 January 2015

"What companies can do to promote respect and support for children’s rights" - UNICEF

Author: Subajini Jayasekaran and Chris Kip, UNICEF, in Guardian (UK)

[M]ore than 168 million children are still suffering [in child labour] worldwide...[in sectors including] agriculture, services and manufacturing...[P]oor working conditions [for women] and lack of maternity rights can...[also] directly affect their...

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12 December 2014

UNICEF blog: "The day financial managers got serious about children’s rights"

Author: Samah Abbasi, UNICEF UK, on Guardian Sustainable Business

"The day financial managers got serious about children’s rights", 4 Dec 2014...

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3 June 2014

[PDF] Assessing Human Rights Impacts: Where the Rubber Hits the Road

Author: Global Compact Network UK

This primer was produced by the Global Compact Network UK to accompany "Assessing human rights impacts: where the rubber hits the road" event held on the 3rd June 2014 at Clifford Chance LLP, London, UK. Speakers from the following companies and...

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25 September 2011

Companies act on suppliers’ green credentials

Author: Pilita Clark, Financial Times

Leading companies are starting to monitor everything from a camel’s yearly methane emissions to light bulb efficiencies amid growing pressure to demonstrate the environmental credentials of their suppliers. Almost 40 per cent of multinational...

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29 July 2009

Marshalls renews campaign to end child labour in India’s stone quarries

Author: Henryk Zientek, Huddersfield Daily Examiner [UK]

A paving supplier [Marshalls] has renewed its campaign to end child exploitation at India’s stone quarries...Children as young as five undertake back-breaking labour every day to quarry and cut the stone, which is destined for the UK market. Chris...

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5 April 2008

The plight of Nepal’s child quarry workers ... who slave to keep our patios plush

Author: Billy Briggs, Sunday Herald [UK]

This is child labour in a stone quarry in Nepal...Marshalls PLC…said that large sections of the gardening and construction industry were turning a blind eye to the use of child labour in quarries in order to maximise profits. "We want the industry to...

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