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2 May 2007

Response by Martinson Konfektion: SwedWatch report reveals Swedish local govts. sourcing equipment & textiles for healthcare manufactured in poor working conditions in India, Pakistan. Providers include Martinson Konfektion.

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1 April 2007

"The Dark Side of Healthcare" reveals Swedish local govts. sourcing healthcare equipment manufactured in poor working conditions in India, Pakistan

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1 April 2007

[PDF] Martinson Konfektion - Comments and Corrections to Swedwatch report

Author: Martinson Konfektion

The information in Swedwatch report is something that Martinson Konfektion has taken in all seriousness. It leads to that we have contacted an SA8000-certified Indian auditor who has a lot of xperience to make social audits in clothing industry ...

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1 April 2007

[Responses by factories & buyers (some in English, some Swedish only)]

Author: SwedWatch

[Company responses to SwedWatch report "The Dark Side of Healthcare", Comments in English by Supplier A, Supplier B, MA Arains. Comments in Swedish by buyers Martinson Konfektion, Sunnex Tillquist]

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